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2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Guidebook review

After Half year of practice with 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Guidebook written by Awesome Be n e b e l l  W e n  I can finally proudly say I read All material included & share my experience & review here in hope you find it useful as achieving any goal (including Creating & Publishing your Own Tarot or Oracle deck) is much easier if you have Good Plan & *Know How!:)

& these are great tools to help you with both written by Awesome Be n e b e l l   W e n Sharing her *Secret of Success (aside her work blog & youtube she also write books & created & selfpublished her own Spirit Keeper’s Tarot & guidebook super fast!:) 

Recommended & worth checking if you ever wonder how some people manage to achieve so much while if you are like me may often find it challenging just to get up from bed every morning (& return to same before midnight!:) with feeling of not actually achieving much in spite of all effort & exhaustion such Chaotic daily schedule leaves you!x,x Hopefully this will inspire you to change something you are not happy in your current daily routine or if you just need some tips to improve quality of life!:)
as imo 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner provide great overview of your year(s) vision plans goals & achievements at glance for all fields of life on monthly & daily level & formatting provide enough space for daily entries & include notes of popular holidays & astrological events & list of auspicious dates for each month & areas of life from love to work as well as activity keyword aka Power Word & To do tips like this: 

& my favorite part is famous quotes footnotes ! :) I enjoy reading these as fun & inspirational my fav Mark Twain & Bruce Lee & Walt Disney & even politicians describe me perfect!:)

What makes it interesting aka *Metaphysic is personalized astrology level & way you are directed & encouraged to learn to interpret astrology on your own similar how you should take responsibility over your daily schedule time & life by shaping your own destiny with your own hands & intentions & it all Starts by Writing it Down!:)

Starting with your own Natal chart (aka position of planets & other astrological bodies at moment of your birth!:) & your own 2020 Solar returns chart (aka what planets have in store for you this year?:) & Ephemeris tables for each month (aka daily position of planets for each day of the month at glance!:) & if you are complete newb in astrology this is great way to learn basics on your own example simply by noting daily events & your feelings that day & compare how it relate to planets position for that day?(:aka determine planetary effects & impact specific planet position have on your feelings & life!:)

Planer also include basic Astrology references, such as Moon phases, Celestial bodies, Houses, Zodiac Signs & much more info about: basic Elements, Color meaning, Numerology & Numeric Gematria (aka numerological name analysis!:) Lo Shu Magic Square/Ba Gua/Feng Shui Celestial Dial, Wu Xing & Kua Number (all useful for improving energies by home/living space arrangements!;) & Roster of Taoist Fu Sigils for Spell Crafting as well as my favorite Healing & Prosperity Grid (tested both here insta post:) that serve as great intro into sigil & amulet crafting starting with Glory & Greatness talisman to ensure success with instructions!:)

Health section include:
The Human Body Clock & Qi Energy Flow Chart I find interesting & worth implementing
& Chakra section offer mantras & crystals connections both are simple & easy way to improve your health awareness & reduce stress level!:)

Divinatory section is accompanied by:
Tarot Table with list of Card numbers, Names, Keywords Upright & Reversed, Metaphysical Correspondence & Qabalistic Numerology reference as well as Tree of Life and Tarot (Naples Arrangement) I like!:)

Petit Lenormand cards are also presented in similar style table with card Number, Name, Playing Card Correspondence, Noun, Verb & Adjective Or Adverb, with basic instruction how to perform reading with few basic spreads & Grand Table with all that you can learn Lenormand from only 2 pages!:)

Elder Futhark Runes section include meaning & magical use & can also be used for Divination with Lo Shu Table!:)

Geomantic figures are oddly similar to how my gran used to Divine from White Beans shame I didn't memorize her method!x,x lol

I Ching Table planner present is original & i like idea how it works here!:) also happy to say this is my favorite newly discovered divination system thanks to wonderful explanation in guidebook I fall in love with its wisdom & here is great link if you wish to learn more: http://www.pantherwebworks.com/i_ching/index.html#hints

Palmistry is another divination system I learn more about here (even it was popular in my part of the world & on my *to do list forever I would probably never figure it if not being presented here so Thank You Be n e b e l l  We n for doing All work & making us another great interesting compilation to read about!:)

& my favorite Numerology forecast aka Development Themes Per Personal Year i find short simple to use & on spot!:)

Metaphysician’s Guidebook (subtitle: "An Operation Manual for High Achievement and Personal Expansion of Metaphysical Studies" 400-pages covers all mentioned topics in deep, introduces Principles of Craft & much more you'll need to discover for yourself & provide enough info to get you on good Start in Metaphysician Craft!;) & most important elaborate detail instructions & explain How to actually use your Daily planner & Why it's important to fill each Day entry?;) with tips how to make most of your goals!;) it will serve you well if you were like me complete newb to *How Planner works!?x,x facepalm:)

Growing up as a kid we always had some *fancy planners at home but i never actually know *how to use it or what should i write about?x,x thinking i'm not *THAT important person & I have Nothing important to write about! & That is Big Mistake you may be repeating as well! as imo it's same as Angel of Death visit you one day (later the better!;) asking if you have Anything to write for record of your life & you wave your hand saying:"nah, i'm not important, nothing worth mentioning happen, (sure you may mention date of you graduation, 1st job, marriage, childbirth etc but aside from that?:) well That is What You Are Doing With Every Day You Don't fill in with Something! What i've been doing?! Fill your Day entry with Energy of Love & Meaning to bring Magic in your daily life!;)
& it makes perfect sense as it actually show you How to Set & Accomplish Your First Easy Goal: Fill your Planner & if you can't commit to write Single Word each Day how will you commit to All Actions you need to take to accomplish your actual life goals?:)

it took me a while to figure this *fill a day part but as visual artist eventually i got what works best for me:"Hey it's same as instagram! Only private, as you only share with your future self so just be honest & let some magic happen!^^ :) & if you don't have Anything to write about *pic say 1000 words just snap a pic of flowers clouds windows etc Anything that catch your eye that day or find some pic/quote/meme etc on google to fill that day & post about it in your planner instead on insta!?:) & it may also inspire you to write something else!:) also you may notice my terrific handwriting on positive side i may be only one able to read it so it's a + here!:) also this is chance to improve my penmanship by daily practicing fancy writing styles!:) & that's why i like digital edt it enable pic copy past & keybord use for *scientific notes i pick online!;) 

p.s this is one of my more interesting pages i actually do something *interesting/aka out of ordinary!:) New cake recipe, sewing, & learning Hangul /Koren script!;) usually i'm like hamster wheel wake up > morning routine > work > training > practice > lunch break > more work> dinner > tv > internet > google & happy to make it to bed by 1am!x,x facepalm!;) 
With Planner difference is Now I'm more Aware of How I use my time & feel more confident in achieving my goals at it prompt me to write it down & details specifics are great blueprint map I keep in front of my mind so I'm more focused on how to implement these small steps to success & that helps me reduce stress level significantly by developing positive confident calm mindset alert to *noticing good things as I have habit to write something or doodle  about it daily!;) lol Note Daily Routine table you see here is unique to A4 format i ordered & replaced with Divinatory Message in US Letter format if you are trying to master specific Divination method!:) & both are omitted from smallest format Trade Paperback due to size restriction but imo no reason you can't have these or any other notes added by yourself in any way you find fit?:)

I enjoyed reading Lifestyle topics Guidebook covers as inspirational & plenty to think about including tips how to improve your *efficiency & quality of life!:) from personal Happiness, Achievement and Magic to Preexisting Disadvantages and Reacting to Failure my fav as it hit my life story spot on!;) & quote that really make me think you'll need to discover for yourself but to me it translate as: "if you fail in spite of effort you can always change your approach & tools to achieve your goals but Can You Change Yourself & Be That person Who actually Succeed in whatever you are trying to accomplish? Original quote also mention you need to adapt & i find it funny how in our society you often hear of *Survival of Strongest while Darwin re visioned evolution theory by saying evolution favor not smartest or strongest but those who adapt to changes best!;) so hopefully good planner will prepare us for whatever Changes evolution have in store as well!:)

Both 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Guidebook are delivered as a pdf e-book (with an additional option to order a physical copy or print on your own customized any way you like as much as you like as long as it's personal use!:) & there is plenty cover options for you to pic or go with plain black if you prefer simple!;) here is my fav Vintage Steampunk!:D

I ordered my favorite digital pdf A4 version & read both on my tablet & android & filling my planner pages with pdf editor (Note it may be hard to find good free pdf editor that allows handwritten notes & image import but default windows Drawboard & Neat Office are ok!:) 

Must say I enjoy reading All material by this author 
B e n e b e l l   We n  for top quality info & great formatting & readability & all free downloads & other content she provide on her blog!;) This also have great reredability rate so I also intended to print with Book PoD before all *virus shipping delay happen & my country got closed but hopefully we are back to normal soon & i'm definitely printing Guidebook & Planner sections for future reference as these are worth having at hand for easy re visioning every time you find fit!:) & much better than my usual style notes (aka sticky note pages falling all over the place & stack of different notebooks for each subject i *study!;) will update this blog with pic when my printed copy arrive!;) But as tech person I'm Happy with my digital notes best!:)

2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Guidebook Together serve to help you Review & Organize Your Goals Time & Priorities & Achievements by giving you references & better insight in whatever you do & wish to do with every day of your life!?:) With Plenty of interesting material to keep you engaged in personal Development as Metaphysic part empowering you to achieve more awareness & accomplish your own alchemy & more work with less effort & stop waste of time by taking more responsibility for your time & life! (: i find it funny how most of us account our money expenses but less people actually take notice how we spend our time in spite of fact time is greatest asset!:) all this help developing positive mindset & reducing stress level so if you are Up for some interesting Work & Not afraid of Challenge this Planner may work Magic for You!:)
& if you are looking for Magic Wand that will do All job for you you'll had to wait for some of my other reviews as I'll be sure to Share if I find one!;)

Note you can also Order digital files for mini Spirit Keeper's Tarot to print for yourself but imo it would be too tiny for such detailed work
so I skip mini & got myself Free Major Arcana you can color & print for personal use!:)

here you can see mini size compared to Standard Tarot size!:) & my Coloring sample!;)

Author also asked for feedback & here is my!;)

Q: "What didn’t work for you?"
A: I'm yet to try Everything but so far i have no remarks to add here!:)

Q:" What do you definitely not want me to change?
A: Astrology Learning approach Charts & references Are Best & My favorite!:)

Q:" What can be improved?
A: I would like to have this as app for my android for easy photos & notes input!?:)
& table with lunar year at glance (moon phase included something like this I use every year!:) & hyperlinks for day would be great so i can click to add my notes & pic for each?:)
I also like your Empowered word idea instead of personal name as title & maybe personalized message/mantra for year according to Natal & Solar return Chart would work even better!?:)

p.s i Would also add Mudras to health section as I find it simple & quick way to improve my feeling of well being in general!;)

That's All I have so far! Will update if I remember anything else!;) & definitely plan returning for future planners as well!;)

p.s I also ordered personal Inner Darkies & Light reading & must say I enjoy reading as it's like reading Beautiful Eloquent Empowering Inspirative & Educational short story novel with you as Main Star And most important Spot on Resonate with me!:) What I did not expect & find best is Healing Effect it had for me!:) you will have to discover it for yourself but I take time with reading my bit by bit & enjoyed author interpretation & insight learning with it as well as adding my own as I read & it truly help me understand so many Why in my life & I know I had plenty of issues (Civil War indigo Child only top of an Iceberg!x,x facepalm lol )  causing me insecurities doubt & helpless frustration of feeling not being on level situation require & thinking there must be better way to solve those issues idk about? Inner Darkies & Light reading help me realize these negative feelings I was holding all these years & how unfair harsh I was toward mychildself & show me I'm much more capable & well balanced person than I thought & therefore should be more confident in myself & my decisions & abilities!:) it worked wonders as Shadowork for me as gentle light being used to illuminate dark corners of my soul expelling my inner shade simply by raising these topics to my awareness on conscious level enabling me to recognize true issues i've been hindered & release all that burden of dusty old mindset that I've outgrow ages ago replacing it with Calm Confidence of knowing I Can & Everything will be alright coming from true Peace of Mind I hold Now!;D so I definitely recommend it if you are interested in Shadowork or looking for answers to Why of your life!:)
I also find all terms are well explained & like educative aspect of it with plenty of psychology historic & mythology references used!:) Note: Even if you don't believe in *past life I find it makes perfect sense if you look at it as *past & what happened *before some specific point in your life or even before you were born?!:) or who you were before now as imo people change All the time like it or not so better be aware of these changes & stay on good track with good planner & positive mindset ready to adjust to changes!;)

I'm Thankful & Appreciate All Time & insight provided in preparing these materials for me & will Cherish it & re read plenty time in future!;)  

About me: Selfpublished Tarot & Oracle Artist & Author, Designer, freelancer, pro critic
with interest in astrology & all alternative!:)

Reason I like Astrology is it makes perfect sense of some requiring challenges we are presented in life so recommended if you are having issues or trying to figure Why of something & need some tips how best to correct these issues your behavior & characteristic seems to attract so be sure to check this I heartily recommend!^^;) https://benebellwen.com/2020/04/27/your-inner-darkness-and-inner-light/

I conclude my review here & Hope you find my blog interesting & helpful!:)

Thank You All for visiting & reading!:)

All Best!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Card Printer list

Good printers confirmed/review list;)

POD(Print on Demand) List;

US based;
https://www.thegamecrafter.com/ (aka TGC) best price for best cardstock quality linen 12pt 320gsm black core with UV finish custom made box and option for shop page & & best shipping rates worldwide!;D +big selection of game parts including all sorts of box, bags & blank cards & sleeves, these are great for DIY projects!:) + short production time so expect your order to ship within 2days!:) note; their drift can be a bit much, so make sure that your important parts are inside the safe zone but otherwise replace defective decks at no cost to the artist . 
http://www.drivethrucards.com/ (aka DTC aka OneBookShelf) - recommend their Embossed (aka linen) card stock 320gsm 11pt with beautiful colors and silk UV finish! it say Printed in US and still have best shipping rates and costumer support ever! +best stock & box price!:) + discount price for orders over 5000 cards(63deckx80cards!:) + best shipping for US(5$ with tracking!:) worth considering especially for test printing as they ship worldwide by USPS Priority mail, fixed shipping rates for your home address (my is not US/EU) it's flat 5$ shipping cost regardless of the size of order!XD  + option for larger prints and poster+ books! and shop page!:)) + best statistic sale/earnings overview & payment options for seller!:) definitely my fav! full review here;http://creativenlight.blogspot.ba/2017/01/drivethrucardsonebookshelf-review
downside; complicated print file preparation! & shipping for (not publisher!) address outside US is still expensive (15$!x,x) 
http://store.vervante.com/c/affil/index.html seems to offer best deal for 100decks(not sure about price but they let you sell on amazon & other big bookstore?:)
"offer cards printed on demand, printing in short runs and offset printed on 12 pt C2S stock equivalent to 260 gsm.  Any size with square corners or round.
Short run cards, 100+ decks, are printed on 350 gsm stock and can also be printed any size with square corners or round, with matte or gloss UV.
Can add foil stamp, spot UV, and a variety of other specialty touches for cards that are offset printed  These are usually for 500+ decks.
Offer custom printed tuck boxes for most of decks.  You are also welcome to send us packaging for decks such as tin boxes, drawstring bags, etc.  We can add printed booklets or instruction cards that can be accordion folded depending on the number of panels.  For decks that are packaged in a drawstring bag, we can add printed bag tags or tie charms to the ribbons, etc. "
China based;
http://www.makeplayingcards.com/promotional/personalized-tarot-cards.html aka MPC This company is getting great reviews. Everyone who has dealt with them is very pleased at the quality and service & easy upload interface.  Also MPC is only POD offering gilded edge or holo foil card print option as well as different box options including Tarot size tins!:) so if you plan printing 50+ decks it's worth checking as they also offer affordable fulfillment service if you need to ship your decks worldwide to your costumers/backers for around 10-12$ per deck!:) Shipping may be an issue as it's not always traceable but as long as you are paying with paypal you are ok!:)
ETA; my 1st printed deck & mpc tin arrived & I like Big card size & good quality & shipping my only remarks is colors on 300gsm card stock are bit light so better use linen/other option?;) you can read my full review here!:) 
https://www.boardgamesmaker.com/ similar design & price as mpc only difference they offer more *game piece options!;)

http://www.printerstudio.com/ - aka PS affordable, easy upload and fast. Similar to MPC above but less stock & box options & more other items options. Card Colors may be less bright than original digital files. UPDATE by Lucky Card; just to add link for my review for their linen and plastic stock!:)) http://creativenlight.blogspot.ba/search?updated-min=2015-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2016-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=6 Note this was before their stock price rise significantly 2016 same as MPC that may be sister company?:) compared to US PODs so you may wish to consider TGC and DTC to be better option for US and worldwide?:)
Europe; Note imo EU printers are great way to offer better price & faster shipping for EU orders!:)+save your costumers of extra import charges/VAT tax or whatever post is charging for international orders & everyone complains about!:D 
Italy; http://www.ludocards.com/ this EU based company (Italy) offer great quality POD drop ship service & ship worldwide!:)
+ free shipping if you ship All your decks at once to your home address!;)
it's my exclusive EU printer!:) but I'm moving my shipping to mailboxde.com read my full review here!^^;D
check out pic of Tarot decks lc printed for me here; https://photos.app.goo.gl/qZ6dZc6J49nUdTVf6
check their faq here; http://www.ludocards.com/faq.php
same page can also generate your required standard or customized card size & box preset/pdf template but Be Warned; I noticed these pdf generated card sizes templates may not be accurate as *instruction pdf say their bleed is 3mm but *instruction button & illustration say it's 2mm, while most printers use 3mm & after asking print service to confirm their standard Tarot size card preset in pixel I'm told it's 898x1488 that fits 76x126mm( 7x12cm printed card +3mm bleed on each side!:) so simple way of calculating your card img file size in mm or pixel for this printer is your printed card size(i.e their standard Tarot preset 70x120mm +6mm on each number=76x126mm or 898x1488px!:) I've asked them to fix this moment I noticed but it seem they don't plan doing it anytime soon(25dec2018?x,x will update this post moment it's fixed!X,x until then you can download templates I've used here; http://fav.me/dd30ioa but print drift is still possible(like with all printers here!) so avoid borders etc & I'll be not held responsible for any possible misprint resulting from these issues!;) Considering this template issue & complicated file preparation requirement & outdated interface & expensive drop shipping service, MPC & US printers may be better idea if you wish to keep it simple & easy!;) on the bright side I noticed my standard gamecrafter tarot template guidelines are fit & easy to convert to this ludocard Tarot size!:) so it doesn't require much to fit your img for these!:)

UK: https://cardcreator.personalisedplayingcards.com/prices PoD based in UK & offer printing deck & free shipping for UK!:) worth checking out for UK orders

& if you plan printing larger quantities here are some recommendations; 
Europe (the prices mentioned are rough guidelines and where received on inquiry)
  • http://www.cartamundi.com/de / Good quality, so far the best price I could get. But only so cheap if you let only cards printed there, and let the box and/or booklet print elsewhere. 1000 decks around 3,70 Euro per deck
  • http://www.piatnik.com/ Perfect austrian quality, but also the most expensive one. 1000 decks plus box 6,13 Euro (additional costs not included), only decks without box 5,57 Euro.

http://expertplayingcard.com/#custom Playing Card Company, New York City, New York 10001 professional playing cards with foil & Embossing option   
www.guruplayingcards.com “GPCC printing company in partnership with one of the top most leading printer. Based out of Australia. The printing and shipping happens from China while the 100% handcrafted and lacquered decks are done in India. Produced 2 (poker) decks till now, both of which received rave reviews. Bharata Major Arcana tarot will be first tarot deck by this company. Given current customers are playing card collectors, quality of printing, card stock etc. is paramount, and rest assured, I take care of each production print personally. Don't offer print on demand and minimum print run is 600 decks. Offer any type of card size as well. Any other question, please feel free to ask. Regards, Sunish”
www.imageppm.com/ Recommended by Jay DeForest: Image Printing & Packaging is a company where you will deal directly with an English speaking print manager in China. print card decks, books, boxes and other items. minimum printing quote of 500, but the pricing is much better at 1000 units or more.  
https://www.jimiagency.net/ this dynamic duo is based in Korea & offering playing cards with holo effect!:)minimal order per 1design is 200 cards, they also offer bookmarks, postcards & much more so be sure to check out their web page!:)
http://jsmccarthy.com/ Personable and professional. 100% of all our electricity purchases are derived from wind power. 

https://plaincards.com/ waiting for review! 

http://www.printninja.com/printing-products/card-game-printing based in US & print in China, printing options include metallic n foil print!;)
https://shuffledink.com/ Formerly known as Quality Playing Cards, this company is a professional card printer. They do any size and number of cards, have a top notch art department, and the quality is exceptional. They do work internationally.
https://wheeloffortunetarot.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.details.cordpanyb.4.7ec2a84dAQqag8 this company got mixed reviews as they accept paypal & got great recommendations by Joan Marie creator of Friar's Delight Lenormand & collective Button Soup Tarot their portfolio looks awesome full of well known quality decks!:) But there are some who were not happy with their work, imo this is why it's important you do your homework first & check all details before you decide to print big in China/or anywhere else!^^) also they offer plenty of printing options (UV, Holo, Gold & Silver & any metal color print & gilded edges!:D Also lot's of box options great prices & fulfillment service!:D their minimum quote seems to be 500 decks so definitely worth checking out for larger quantities!;D Contact info: Printing: Ivy FengShenzhen XM Playing Cards Co., Limited
E-mail:sales1ivy@gmail.com, Ivy is also on FB https://www.facebook.com/ivy.feng.tarot.printing/about?lst=100008353365042%3A100009510457866%3A1573858490

Shipping and fulfilment: Lily Zeng atChina Division, lily02@chinadivision.com

also be sure to post us here what worked best for you?:)
all best!

Resources free programs links & Best Tarot books & decks to Learn Tarot

Free programs; paint programs; my fav Gimp & Medibang paint pro for lineart!:) & scribus for cmyk & pdf conversion

you can make free web page with google & levelupenterprises offer best solution for pro web page you need to present your deck!;)

Tutorials & public domain libraries;

Apollo magazine Open access image libraries – a handy list; Apollo supports open access to images of artworks that are out of copyright with a list of museums and other archives that provide unrestricted downloads of high-resolution images.

You can also find plenty of Awesome free & public domain material by google!^^ & youtube have plenty of How to videos here are some;
How To Create Your Tarot Deck Tutorial!! by Luna Solare ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdGnq_MFov8

How to Make Cards (3 Ways) by James Ernest ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0t6PBypahI

also Tarot blog posts by other deck creators are Awesome resource for All Tarot Tips you'll ever need start here; https://benebellwen.com/
this is pro selfpublished author of Spirit Keeper's Tarot so Be sure to check her Awesome Blog for All info about Costs of Selfpublishing with big printer;

& Arnell Ando provide More priceless resource for independent card creators: http://www.arnellart.com/makenpub.html

also wikipedia have resource on each tarot card; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magician_(Tarot_card)

& this web provide description & side by side card img from different decks; https://www.tarot.com/tarot/cards/the-fool/universal-waite
& this have even more decks!; http://www.albideuter.de/html/narr.html

& if you wish to Learn more about Tarot;
Brilliant free Simple & Short Lessons to Learn & Understand Tarot; http://learntarotinaday.com/

& my fav forums with growing libraries of selfpublisher decks & creator sections; https://www.thetarotforum.com/ & 
Note: forums are also best place to sign up for Collective Tarot decks as Best Way to Learn by 1st hand experience!:) providing you a chance to participate in Tarot deck creation with just 1 card (or more if you like!:) + purchasing one give you Best idea how different art styles looks printed as Tarot card & it works perfect as sample deck you can check print quality card stock specifications, box & booklet options & design etc to ask same printer for same specification for your deck if you like!:)

Best Tarot book & deck to learn Tarot is; any you can find in your local bookstore as long as you read it & practice with your Tarot deck!;) & you can also check my fav bookdepository (free shipping worldwide!;) for Books & decks!;) it will depend on your personal preferences about author & topics you like to read starting with Basic Beginners to Deep in Tarot topics as well as your understanding of it's primary use; fortunetelling (traditional) or *self development tool (modern new age approach;)

some of my fav & recommended for start are; Rider Waite Smith (including my Pam's Original & Vintage!;), Golden Universal Tarot,
Mucha Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot (note this one is available as android app on google store great way to get deck & guidebook for only few$!:)

Anthony Louis; Tarot Beyond the Basics Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Meanings Behind the Cards (luv astro & other references here!)
& Tarot Plain & Simple by same author if you prefer it that way!;)

Brigit Esselmont; The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings (luv quotes provided for each card!;)

Barbara Moore; Tarot Made Easy, Llewellyn's Little Book of Tarot & Tarot for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Reading the Card
(also Steampunk Tarot & book set!:)

Kim Huggins Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards (also Tarot Illuminati deck & book set!:)

Mary K. Greer; Understanding the Tarot Court (with Tom Little) &  
The Complete Book of Tarot reversals (luv explanatory titles!;)
& 21 Ways to read a Tarot Card (luv all activity here!;)

Rachel Pollack (also Shining Tribe Tarot & the Haindl Tarot!:)
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot (title say it all!:)
Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness
The New Tarot Handbook: Master the Meanings of the Cards
The Big Little Book of Tarot: The Only Book You'll Ever Need

Sarah Bartlet the Tarot Bible gift from my friend & my fav book design & colorful illustrations & examples also it's modern self development approach great if you prefer it!

feel free to add your fav in comments!;)

All Best!

Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your own Tarot or Oracle Deck

Wonder How to Start Creating your own Tarot or Oracle Deck?

All you need is to download your preferred Tarot card size template from thegamecrafter; https://help.thegamecrafter.com/article/39-templates

& My Art guide Tarot cards cheat sheet info for;
& Start Now!;D
tip; Start with easiest/ most simple looking cads first and more complicated later for better flow & progress!;D
Start with Major Arcana or Court cards or whatever you feel like easier to work with?;)

Continue reading this blog for more info & tips about Creation Print & Publishing what I learned in process starting from idea to realization of Deck Creation & 
Card Printer list 

Order this guide in printed form & my selfpublished decks here;
Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your own Tarot or Oracle Deck is ©2020 MyLuckyCard.
All rights reserved.
Available via my blog & web page as free download & in printed format.
You can download share & print it for personal use as long as you don't charge for it!;)
Only thing I ask is credit & link me so I can see what you do?^^
Please note me first if you would like any other use or commission!^^
((;^^THANK YOU!^^ ))

About me; reall/Irena Pro Selfpublisher Artist, illustrator, designer & author with experience in Tarot, astrology & alternative!^^:D
Happy to help your deck creation & Selpublishing by answering any questions, consulting advice, tips & critic, & open for commissions & collaboration, if you need hand with design layout, coloring, size & files conversion etc anything in field of any topic mentioned!;)
portfolio & all info official web page; https://sites.google.com/view/myluckycard/home
Order my Selfpublished Tarot
& Oracle decks & books here;
& watch my ig for news;  @myluckycards 
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How to publish your deck & Why Selfpublishing with US based Pod is Best!^u^:D

Your publishing options as Deck Creator are; petitioning popular card publishers to publish your deck & do all work (printing, promotion, distribution & selling) for you! (in which case you are advised to check their respective web pages for submitting guides & required files format!:)

tip; be sure to consult legal adviser before signing up any legally binding contract & make sure you understand copyright status of your art & expected profit from each deck sale as well as other obligations you may have?;) as far as i know your royalties are paid every few months or 2x a year & it may seem big check but ask yourself does it pay rent & for how long you can live with that money & consider does it cover All work & time you invested in creation?;) or

You can Selfpublish by investing your time & $$$ into finding good pro printer that will print your deck (usually minimum quotes are over 200 & around 500 decks!) then figure how to sell promote & ship to your costumers worldwide?

tip; be sure to ask for fulfillment service that will provide direct shipping from your printer to your costumers worldwide & save you extra import shipping costs & time!;)
This option also require significant investment risk & work & nerves so be sure you & your household members are all ok with it & don't invest more than you can spare to lose as there is no guarantees you'll sell ALL your decks within a year or in few years unless you run successful crowdfunding or preorders i recommend!;)

Note; kickstarter & indiegogo are good way to test your demand & collect needed $$$ in advance but imo it also includes extra risk fees nerves & reputation as anything can go wrong so i advise against it & recommend preorders instead & even then same issues remain

& if you prefer less risk & work here is; 

Why Selfpubishing with US & EU based Pod is best!^^if you plan printing just 1 deck for personal use or Selfpublish for everyone to order!

Because With PoD (Print on Demand) You Can Selfpublish your Tarot/whatever with as little as 0$ investment required &

keep full control over your deck art copyright, design, print quality, number of deck you plan to offer, production & shipping costs & you determine your own sale price per deck & potential profit as you wish!:D

& Selfpublishing your deck directly from US based Print on demand companies is best because with option to make your shop page you can sell your decks/books directly to your costumers worldwide!^^ All you need to do is sign up to set up your acc shop page & upload your artwork, pick options to order test print & approve it then set up your item price & enable sales for your title (aka publish!;) & wait for your royalties payday!:D & people worldwide can browse search & order your published title directly from PoD who do all job; taking & charging orders, processing printing & shipping & send you sale notification every time someone order your title & provide great statistic page!^^

My favorite Recommended & most popular PoD are US based; thegamecrafter & drivethrucards (Full review here!) 

Here is why I luv US Pod;

1.you can order minimum of 10 cards with your own unique front & back design making awesome bookmarks or mini portfolio cards!;) imo this is fantastic because it’s best way to see how different options colors and design styles look in RL & to check card stock and print quality & if you like it you can order more if not you can correct it quick and easy anytime even after publishing & you can decide to unpublish your deck anytime with few clicks!^^ 

2. Pod ship worldwide & thegamecrafter offer best shipping rates & options & drivethrucards have best shipping for US & your home address!;) 

3. Simple and clear user interface easy to understand & use & good statistic page as well as search tool & traffic provide good visibility on net! 

4. Awesome costumer service is big help when you need it & Brian from drivethrucards is my fav tech help Ever!:) Thank You Brian!^^ lol 

5. Options!:) minimal investment mean it's easy to print different card sizes & offer your deck as Standard Tarot size & smaller Poker & Bridge as well as Larger cards & enable further personalization with different cardstock, booklet & box options (my fav is 1$ transparent plastic box that fit 90 card poker & bridge size deck from drivethrucards & mpc Tarot size tin!^^;) + extra options such as different back or border & borderless design!;) 

6. Publisher discount & fulfillment for larger orders!:) 

7. Improvements!:) both drivethrucards & theGamecrafter are constantly improving their services by upgrading their cardstock & tgc have best worldvide shipping rates & game price calculator & selection of all possible game pieces for game creators so go test it asap & be sure to share what worked best for you?!;)

Note; printing in China may seem like a good idea for all fancy options & extras it offers but it's not & here is why;
1) Shipping cost & time!(most of your orders will be in US so it's faster & more affordable to ship from US printers like dtc with tracking that actually works!:)
2) Tax! (if you *import something from outside your country tax is possible!:)
3) Better card stock quality & price (mpc & ps now charge double for same embossed/linen card stock you have on dtc & tgc!x,x facepalm)
4) Search engine (mpc & ps are missing these! so only way for people to find your game is by direct link you post somewhere or random luck!)
5) Exposure & sale statistic (not only your deck won't sell that well on mpc & pc but can you trust their statistic if they have any is correct?)
6) Copyright! (fact is China have different regulation for this than US & EU & if you send your img to their printer it may end up pirated!)
7) Buyer protection & Costumer service (my 1st order from mpc was lost & never found even I pay *extra for *tracking number & insurance & contacted costumer service more than once never got any reply & had to ask paypal intervention lucky they decided in my refund! point is;
8 ) paypal is your best insurance! if your printing company don't have paypal better look for one who does!:D

& when it come to promotion & sale I still need to figure it out! however net is infinite market! And you only need to figure how to use it!

tip; pick a good name for your deck that will make it stand out on net and in google search in case you decide to make a free web page with google! Add that name/link on every promo preview image you post on line for people to know if they see it somewhere and wish to buy it? app is also good idea! Note all text should be available in English; cards, book, app, web etc as most people know it!

Nothing more to add but KEEP UP with your creation process Remember key to crating your Tarot deck (or accomplishing anything!;) is to not give up before last of 78 cards is completed it's totally worth it!;D

I conclude this tutorial with Resources & Card Printer List with Hope you find it useful & learn something interesting & if it help you decide to create & publish your deck please be sure to credit; reall/Irena & link to source; http://creativenlight.blogspot.com/2020/03/complete-guide-for-artist-how-to-create.html