Friday, 6 August 2021

Tarot Art piracy & tips to fight it!

By Now You are probably aware of piracy issue getting more attention recently as hot topic in Tarot Deck community & being addressed by Deck Creators Artist Authors Publishers & most of Tarot deck reviewers & social media influencers as well as rising number of online posts of unsuspecting Tarot enthusiast posting pic of their decks asking: “is my deck Original?”

Even If you are not particularly concerned if your deck is Original or Not,

This Blog post short & simple summary & guidelines on topic:

How To Know Difference between Original & fake deck & Why You Should Care? 

Foolproof method for knowing original from fake Deck is:

Name of the Author Artist & Publisher printed anywhere on the box?:)

(mass printed decks will also have printed isbn as well)

you can google all these to find more info & official web page most deck creators & publishers will have there look into details like card description including size & extras like little white book etc & if these don’t match you are looking at fake listing! 

Know How Things Are Made & by Whom

You may imagine Piracy as single individual printing decks on some shabby printer, then cutting cards & rounding corners & assembling tuckbox all by hand to ship from some shady part of the world as they receive orders on their listings on popular online platforms or shady web shops. You would imagine wrong! it’s far more complex & organized & happening in US as well as rest of the world & here is why:

Start with price; ever noticed Why pirated decks are (usually) so much cheaper compared to Original even mass marked decks even it’s likely all are printed in similar way in similar factories process & machines?

Easy Answer: Free Manual Labor & ignorance of other possible regulations including health hazard materials & eco environment!

Also history lesson about origin of *fake things likely invented by opportunistic traders seeing profit in mass produced *single use products made to look same as *original but intended to be burned by family members for deceased relatives as a part of funeral offerings sacrifice in some parts of the world & instead burning real *things. These *fake things are not intended for actual use (only afterlife!) & made from *most affordable material usually paper! Guess what else is made of paper?:) 

fun fact actual playing Cards (including Tarot) are made of professional playing card stock that is actually: 2pieces of paper glued sandwiched with carbon based glue that serve as core (aka black or carbon core) & gives snap & durability & easy shuffle!:) Also 350gsm (or more) Art paper is popular kickstarter choice for Artist that prefer thicker Art print quality over standard playing card stock options! & in order for colors to stay on cards special transparent finish aka varnish is used to seal each card front & back & prevent smudges you may notice happen if you print something at home then try & clean it with dump cloth. Another option is lamination with thin layer of plastic sheet glued on cards to preserve colors. All these *finish options can be gloss (popular with mass printer), matte or silk touch (preferred by self published deck creators) & linen (aka canvas like) texture is my favorite!:)

As a part of Deck Creator Community seeing different deck creators & Artist in general deal with piracy issue in different ways & implement Super Personalized Limited Edt & All Extra Perks in order to distinguish Original. Not everyone can commit to effort & time (my own Tarot deck is in creation over 2yrs!x,x facepalm lol) so I got idea for This Simple hack: fight piracy simple & easy by including this Extra Anti Piracy Statement Card

 I release this card design in public domain for every deck creator & publisher to use "as is" or "with modification" no attribution needed!:)

as it will be displayed & talked by youtube reviewers & social media!^^

if every deck creator decide to join we can have this card recognized as symbol of legit decks?!:D


Also here is What printers can do?

Sign a Non-disclosure agreement, a document that legally binds printer to not share your work or reprint it in any way without your permission.

confirm copyright & ensure tech & software they use is up to date & prevent data leak/theft.

Piracy is something we can end if enough people care about it.

more info about fighting piracy & why counterfeiting products are baf!

Visit Selfpublished Decks Online library with images and links to legitimate sellers here: Cult of Tarot curates a Library of Decks & Subscribe to World of Deck News here! 

be sure to check this next time your order a deck & take a notes for future!:) 

Thank You All for Your Support!^^



Wednesday, 21 April 2021 Review vs

Review of new Concierge & Shipping Agent in Germany I used to shop from as some sellers may not ship international or don't accept paypal so i created acc to get shipping address in Germany & used Concierge service (aka fill form to ask them to pay specific seller item for me!:) this is what makes different from my fav read full review here)

both will give you shipping address in Germany & let you combine your parcels into 1 (aka consolidate) & save your shipping cost to your home address,

differences are: offers extra Concierge & other services & modern interface modern interface make it easy to create your acc & log in:

forms may be confusing at times & should be simplified, I find it odd you need to fill form for every incoming parcels you expect to receive for you or pay fee if you don't do so in time, but it seems necessary as there is different handling way for regular & drop shipment (personally i recommend better organization of this part!;)

 form require you to fill all details regarding item & seller info including if you wish to use Dropbox option (aka parcel to be received in your Outbox without been opened & taken photos.)


Concierge form & payment were fulfilled fast by & strongest point I can recommend. 


After filling these incoming parcels/concierge form you will be noted by email when your parcel arrive to your acc Inbox, from there you can see pic of parcel content & pick different options including Consolidation I used (last icon looking like box!;)



Parcels processing time was slow in my case after first week & 3parcels received my 4th & 5th parcel took 7& 6 days to show up in inbox even it was supposed to be delivered by tracking number week ago! I understand it takes time to open & take 2pic of parcel box & content (note this service is also free of charge but not always useful as you can see from this example & you can request extra pic for extra fee all costs can be seen here: )

 is this Pic helpfull?:)

Consolidation process is simple, as recommended I used manual consolidation option you just click on corresponding icon in line of each of your parcel you wish to consolidate/combine in 1big box in order to save shipping cost then confirm by clicking manual consolidation button, here i also noticed delay as after week my consolidation status was still in progress I contacted costumer service form regarding my concern & got prompt reply next day & reassurance my request will be completed same day/ before my free storage expire & it was as you can see here all my parcels were combined in 1new one I can ship.

p.s I taken this screenshot after submitting consolidation request & forgot to take another after a week that's why you don't see free storage counter going down to 61day to my earliest parcel!;)
 & here you can see new parcel & notice how well it slim down!;) here I have 2 options add it to my Outbox (shop cart icon!:) & Ship directly (airplane icon!:) & + will let you see parcel size & set up custom value (Note be sure to check your country import regulations as some countries will charge you extra import fees & tax for value above specific sum & shipping is calculated in that total value!;)  I  expect my parcel weight to be under 2kg so it may be good idea to add 200/300gr to whatever you expect your combined shipment to weight for better calculation of shipping cost find here:


also keep in mind shipping cost will be rounded up to 1, 2 , 3kg etc so expect to pay more!;) & myGermany email may mention 10% off your next shipment in exchange for rating on trustpilot & But it's glitch & Not Working!;)

Note auto consolidation is supposed to be faster & drop shipping option should save you time & 15% shipping cost but i have not tested these yet.

Another odd thing i noticed my free storage countdown continue to tick down even after consolidation request for each day i'm waiting to process my request so even if it's not up to me i may be expecting to pay extra fees for other party Delay that may be caused by holiday & virus prevention crisis but it's concerning fact as free storage expires after 30days from moment you parcel was recorded in your inbox & you will be charged 3euro per parcel for each day afterward!x,x so this is another improvement I recommend myGermany fix as well as extra free storage period up to 45days should be even better considering possible processing delays?:)

Shipping time & quality

my parcel arrived within 2weeks & with tracking number constant updates I find it fast & reliable.

Packaging was solid with plenty of air cushions & served it’s purpose as all items arrived without damage or missing parts so I’m happy with it even it’s not what I expect from *Manual consolidation (aka someone fitting 1by 1 items in order to fit smaller size package best!^^lol) but more like your consolidated parcels will be opened & all content (wraps & all) moved to 1 join box without visible effect of *shrinking package that will save your shipping cost, in fact shipping was around 50% than what i usually pay with mailboxde so if you need better shipping cost mailboxde work better!:)

Shipping cost compared to

seems to be significantly more but mailboxde charge processing fees & box packaging & other services fees you won't see listed on myGermany;
myGermany possible fees are listed here:


Conclusion is worth exploring if you are looking for modern Concierge service interface & don't mind free storage limitations & possible parcel processing delay as well as High shipping cost compared to my fav looks more simple, old fashioned & work faster with better free storage solutions. I find easy to use, processing time fast & shipping rates best worldwide especially for larger parcels. 


Big Thank You Wonderful Costumer Service team that responded & helped promptly to all my requests & inquiry!^^ Your Assistance is Appreciated;D Humans Are Best part of every Good Company!^^ 

Good Organization & cost transparency is another element leaders should take seriously!^^ ;)