Friday, 21 August 2015


This blog is created for my upcoming Chakra Lenormand project!^^ more info here 
as place to keep track on project in general and especialy book that is still in progress n planed to be very detailed!^^ (I'll be working on that while waiting form my deck to arrive!^^:))

so here is report about the book;
*breaf hystory n info on main 36cards ready to be translated on English!
*around standard 20spreads already translated to English n ready to be published!^^
and one or two special spreads made especialy for this deck to be added!^^:))
*extra chapters I plan to add on color meaning, basic of numerology, astrology,,, ready for translation,,,
*extra chapter to cover whole creation project titled*Making of a deck* from idea to painting to publishing for all out there who would like to make your deck and wish to have good info about it!^^ ;))
so I need to finish translation n write meditation for main 36 card deck n meaning n meditation for extra 18cards!^^:)) facepalm hopefully I'll do all that by the 1.september!^^ we'll see,,,

now report on deck;
I'm painting last card!^^ & adding card insertions n numbers!^^ &preparing to order my copy from PS!^^ YEY (it will be available for orders soon!^^:))) and when I finally have it in my hands plan to post here all photos n reviews n daily meditation n reading I plan to do with it!^^ so stay tooned!^^ ;))

all best!^^
till next!^^



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