Friday, 17 February 2017

DriveThruCards review part 2-Prints!

My 2nd DTC review is about their prints quality!:) and must say I like!^^ first and most important; 
          1) all colors are printed perfectly! just the way I see it on my PC!^^:)) 5+!:))
2)   paper quality and size I like!^^

here are some tech facts about what I ordered this time;
Small Poster: Glossy Deluxe 100# text paper, 12x18" folded once for shipment. 
(this looks beautiful!^^ and i like how they print control card for every size you order so if you order poster you get another printed on half of that size that can serve as a great portfolio cover!XD lolz ;))) here is pic
                                 (sorry for bad quality my phone have a bad cam and flash is on!x//:)
                            my only remark was; wish they offer larger size and roll shipping!^^ ;)))
      p.s as you'll probably notice I did same art in several different sizes for comparisons sake and to see what look best and when I placed this poster on my wall I was like; oh! it would look even better double the size!XD and guess what? I uploaded it on my society6 acc and it turns out they can make it up to 28x40 in YeY! and as they often have a free shipping don't be surprised if I review society6 next!^^ lolz and be sure to check it out here

Next is Page size 8.5”x11 Single-sided print No UV Coating this are my fav as size is perfect for portfolio!^^ and there is no gloss coating so your print color will almost had that metallic 3Dish look when you move it!XD here are some pic 

note that yellow pattern in bg is bright yellow but look almost metallic gold on pic!XD I like!^^:))

And last is Tile 8”x10” size, same as previous it say Standard C2S Card Stock  but with print on both sides and Low-gloss UV Coating so it feel considerably thicker and glossy?x,x 
                                        (poster in the middle and smaller prints at sides!:))
                Note I didn't take pic of back here as it's just simple ornamental card frame design!^^
                             but you shouldn't worry, print/color quality is same on both sides!:))
must admit it look  most luxurious from all mentioned here like a nice postcard or photo?x,x
but Imo 1side and no gloss is what most artists go for including me,
 so Page size 8.5”x11” is our winner for today!^^ lolz:))

and for last is clear plastic box I included in my order this time; and it's all what it say! firm, easy 1click open, fit for bridge and poker (and mini size!^^) larger version is supposed to hold up to 120cards! and it fit perfectly for my 120 card bridge deck!^^ lolz ;)) and there is smaller version for up to 70 card that  will fit most of your standard decks
I like this much more than PS boxes because this 1click opening is much smarter and less chance to open by accident!:)) and better then tuck box as it should last longer!^^ lolz
                                        (box unpacking!^^ lolz ;)))
another fact worth mentioning is that even my parcel was considerably large (in a big cardboard box as you can see on pic above!XD:)) processing time was same around 7 days but it arrived within 9 days from shipping!:)) and shipping cost was same  flat 2.99$ i like?XD ;)) Update 2021 shipping outside US is +20$!x// with that said my quest for perfect POD continue,,,  and I will post you with my new discovery!^^ and with that words I conclude this review!^^ THANK YOU ALL FOR VISITING MY BLOG! COME AGAIN AND FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YOU FIND SOMETHING INTERESTING & WORTH SHARING!:))) LOLZ

p.s and if you wish to check out for yourself feel free to visit my dtc page;


  1. Those prints will definitely be effective because of the colors for sure. Even though the design of the bird really catches the eye, it is the unique colors that draw you in. Excellent printing job too. Kudos on working on this amazing project!