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Book update! colors meanings

Colors  meaning
Interpretation of cards is done in accordance with all the elements presented in the cards! Name (lat "Nomen est omen"-name is a sign!), color, scene and in lenormand case numbers and playing card insertions as well all together convey a message - meaning of the card!
Colors have a huge impact on our lives even though we’re often not aware of that, they influence our psyche, mood and evoke certain psychological and physical reactions, in accordance with that traditionally colors in a different nations and cultures have a particular meaning-symbolic message that certain color is transfering.
Best example of using color to transfer messages and meanings can be found in Heraldry and Cards. It can be noticed that *clean and clear* a.k.a basic - primary colors; red yellow and blue, have meaning and symbolism that is most important because all other colors can be derived by mixing those mentioned above, same is true for their meaning. Color symbolism depends primarily on the form in which specific color appears in nature as that accordingly formed its basic meaning. Thus, for example, colors that remind us of fire; red, yellow, orange give a feeling of warmth and comfort and encourage the activity and because of that are so called hot and active colors, and colors that remind us on water; blue and green act cool and soothing, and therefore are so-called cold and passive. In addition another important element is a purity-the presence of other colors, especially the color-tonality- presence of white or black color. White color is considered to contain all the colors of sunlight-spectrum and usually have a positive meaning, and black vice versa.                           
Accordingly, each color can have a positive or negative connotation, it depends on;
-the amount to which a particular color is used
-elements emphasized with that color,
-presence of other colors
so for example usually it is considered that the meaning of color is favorable if a particular color is used moderately and with other colors-which contribute to balance, and that the lighter shades - presence of white color is more favorable than darker shades-presence of black color, and excessive use of certain color is negative. The most important is complete impression of all the elements and what we want to emphasize with specific color.

here is list of primary mining of colors in cards with their corresponding chakra and order in rainbow spectrum;
1. RED base, life, energy that emerge from below and rises up/we receive from earth, in nature appears as the color of fire and blood-life and death, warm, energy, active, primary. Taste sweet and spicy. Meaning mainly positive; happiness, joy, optimism, vitality, energy, activity, movement, emotions and strong will, determination, leadership, power, health, courage, protection, lust, longing, desire and love.
Negative meaning-if used excessively or darker shades; aggression, anger, rage, hatred, struggle, war, danger, change, sacrifice, (burgundy) represent the devil and the revolution, cruelty, immorality, death.
PINK in nature; complexion and fingertips, flowers, taste sweet and mild, meaning similar to red but diluted with White, mostly positive; gentle emotions and kindness, sincere and pure love and friendship, reconciliation and harmony, compassion and relaxation, romance, shyness, tenderness, fidelity, honor.
Negative; passivity, indecision, lack of will, physical weakness.

2. ORANGE sacral energy, in nature; fire, flame, light and warm, active, food, sweet or sour. The combination of red and yellow-such is the meaning, mostly positive; action and encouragement, serenity, happiness, joy, energy, brilliance and richness, abundance, optimism, success, ethical and moral principles, courage, justice, pride, determination, strength and endurance, health, fertility, job, career, creativity, communication, sociability, relationships, attraction, patience, generosity, happiness, fragile balance, stabilize emotions, can be calming or disturbing.
Negative; ignorance and inferiority, dullness, bad taste, fatigue, ambition, destruction, deceit and mistrust, trauma, dominance, aggression and anxiety.

3 YELLOW solar plexus, material word that surround us, accomplishment success, nature; sun, light, warm, active, taste sweet or acidic, primary color, meaning mostly positive; optimism, joy, energy, wisdom, intellect, intelligence, intuition, ideas, idealism, virtue, faith, honor and loyalty, enlightenment, travel and movement, transience and spontaneity, spring, and new learning opportunities, awakening psychic abilities and clarity of feelings, self-esteem, healing, glory, charm, creativity, communication, interpersonal relationships, trust, prestige.
Negative;laziness and cynicism, jealousy, arrogance, dogmatism, analytical, critical, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, manipulation, dishonor and disgrace, deception, nausea, caution, unfortunately, psychic and mental illness, dark yellow or shade of green is the symbol for envy, jealousy, betrayal,infidelity and cowardice,                                   

GOLDEN yellow-gold and gold-sun, bright color like yellow but metal –inedible, cold, meaning usually positive; the royal color, knowledge, power, wisdom, wealth, respect, achievements, great ambition, money, luxury, positive attitude, long life and learning and traveling, passion, change careers and place of residence, often associated with religion and faith, a feeling of fullness and connectedness with the whole, harmony enlightenment and the power of the subconscious, transformation and awakening.
negative; gold rush, robbery, crimes of greed, usury and theft, darker tones, corruption and vices of all kinds, spiritual crisis, dark night of the soul.

4. GREEN heart is color of nature and plants, most natural and most comfortable for eye, edible, a combination of blue and yellow, meaning usually positive; hope, growth, improvement, restoration, recovery and new beginnings, wealth, youth, immortality, emotions, sensitivity and compassion, self-esteem and confidence, relaxation and refreshment, reflection, purification, healing, vitality and inspiration, harmony, peace, security, tranquility, stability, durability, endurance, responsibility, money, success, honesty.
Negative; inexperience, guilt, disgust, poison, rust, greed, jealousy, ambition, and a symbol of rogue and stray.


5. and 6 BLUE (light voice throat communication, dark /indigo forehead/mind all related to brain intelligence and thinking) water and sky, transparent, cold, one of the primary colors. The opposite of yellow, indicates the distance, height, depth, meaning; Positive; hope and longing, psyche, peace, knowledge, comfort, stability, security, patience, confidence, cooperation, awareness, wisdom, intelligence, capabilities, understanding, friendship, trust, sincerity, protection, aristocracy, idealism and heaven, truth, justice, faith, loyalty and strength, firmness, inscrutability and infinity, generosity, acceptance, career, healing, telepathy, imagination and intuition, spirituality, philosophy, beauty, mysticism, piety.

Negative; cold, fear, passivity, depression, sadness, loneliness, melancholy, hypersensitivity, indifference, apathy.


7. PURPLE crown, top, higher energy that we receive from above and cosmos, divine link, rare in nature, associate with unnatural and artificial, cold, combination of contrast; blue and red, same is the meaning;
Positive; the color of kings and nobility, clergy, spirituality, religion, power / rank / position, wealth, luxury, extravagance, sophistication, independence, creativity, art, wisdom, imagination, magic, mysticism, mystery, intuition, quest, patience, gratitude, healing, reflection and balance.
Negative; gloomy and sad feelings, sadness, grief, resentment, frustration, depression, penance, repentance, nausea, crucifixion, prohibition, conspiracy ambition, arrogance, shadow, exaggeration, extravagance, wrath, madness, death.
BROWN color of the country as well as mud, eternal, permanent and steadiest natural color, a warm and cozy, creating a sense of calmness and firmness of community and tradition. Meaning mostly positive; reality, materialism, this world Time and space, stability, reliability, honesty, friendship, antiques, country and village.
Negative; humility, transience, poverty, shabby, boring, gloomy and dull.

BLACK darkness, night, absence of light and colors, it absorbs all colors and is their synthesis, meaning similar to white but usually negative; fear of the unknown, uncertainty, danger, mystery, secrets, cargo, terror, chaos, nothingness, negativity, accidents, pessimism, emptiness, banishment, grief, selfishness, sadness, anxiety, regret, loneliness, emotional coldness and ignorance, dependence, existentialism and anarchy, rebellion, evil, disease, death and renewal, formalities.
Positive; outer space and the universe, vast distance, depth, start and end, independence, unknown and unexplored frontiers of the past, unconsciousness, authority, absolute acceptance of all people and situations, elegance, sophistication, success and prestige, power. In some cultures; fertility and wisdom, seriousness, loyalty.

WHITE in nature; moon, light, snow, winter, cold weather, distance, special colors (often not considered a color), perfectly balanced, representing all colors in one, the result of light waves and mixture of all three natural colors: yellow, red and blue, indicates everything and nothing at the same time. It is the lack of all colors and reflects all colors. Meaning opposite to black, usually positive; freshness, peace and reconciliation, clarity, simplicity, lightness, purity, innocence, honesty, kindness, gentleness, faith, virtue, eternity, perfection, divinity, spirituality, freedom, creativity, potential, new or successful beginning, birth, protection, security, help.
Negative opposite the green; the lack of something. cold, fragility, isolation, elite, sterility, infertility, grief, sorrow, misfortune, spiritual crises and the need for purification and healing, paleness, sickness, death.
GREY in nature; stone and metal, cold, between white and black neither of that, very neutral and unemotional color, same is the meaning. Positive; balance, compromise and flexibility, initiation, enlightenment, coping, skills, intuition, imagination, resurrection, stealth, invisibility, protection.
Negative; containment, caution, sluggishness, concerns, problems, sadness, melancholy, depression, carelessness, apathy, monotony, saturation and frustration, fatigue, inefficiency, lack of interest.
SILVER in nature metal, inedible, similar to gold but less intense, and similar to gray but bright; Positive; happiness, dreams, visions, unconsciously, hidden potentials, desires and ambitions beyond the material world, sudden premonitions, intuition, telepathy, understanding, forgiveness and release, purity, refinement, encouragement, generosity, divine wisdom, protection, astral energies, female power and communications, glamour, technology.
Negative; as with gold robbery, avarice, betrayal, greed, power and control.

And last but not less important! Don’t forget transparent even if we can’t see it seems transparent is entangled with essence of life? Basic element necessary for life are transparent water and air, and on the other hand our emotions and thoughts can’t be seen but are evident so it can be said they are transparent as well? And there is one more thing what if beside water and air there is some invisible energy that give us life and sustain all life on this earth? That would make trinity often spoken in different religions? Transparent each less condense and tangible then other but necessary for life?

Note; this is one of draft chapters from my book for Chakra Lenormand Cards! final can vary!  
energy will be topic for some of future post!^^
English is not my first language so if you have any remarks on translations or typos please note me!

Thank you!^^

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