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Chakra Lenormand poker plastic linen and mini review!

As promised here is review for my PS order!:)) it arrived in fine cardboard package (that tossed outside!:)) 
here is img!:))) 
poker size 54 card plastic deck with plastic box! /Bright radiant chakra background
poker size 54 card linen in white tuck box /light chakra background
and mini size 64 card linen/ light chakra background
(I couldn’t resist temptation so I ordered 2 more postcards! 1 simple glossy and 1 with glitter
These are packed in fine white envelopes! And I’ll spare you of review just say print is fantastic see img below and only remark I have is I wish there is some laminate over glitters so it could stay on cards and not worn off!^^)
(Note all photos are made on cloudy day with my sony xperia e4 camera no flash quality is not best and only later I realized colors are different on  my pc, print and camera?x,x so true color is somewhere between, lighter than this but darker than what you see on PS preview?X,X but this glitters are supershiny in RL!:))
I Like!:)))

Now back on review
First to say I was surprised how fast they ship!:)) It take 7days to my part of the world! I checked $1.99 for tracking and there is free shipping for orders over $30 as that’s what I manage to get with those 3 decks!^^   I'm happy with prices and will order again!:))

And I noticed all cards were shrink wrapped in transparent cellophane and even white box was shrink wrapped in same way along with the cards!:)) 

1 first eagerly opened famous plastic deck n box set and carefully checked all cards ,,,, 
Note this front card is extra I added in my plastic deck AND YOU WON'T GET THAT!^^ XP

like the back of these!^^

like how sides looks rainbow light to darker depending on spread!:))

and here is linen poker size and light back /surprised with white box good quality and laminated finish!:))

 and here is mini 

Must say I was shocked how good mini look!:))
Perfect print and crispy clear numbers and card insertions!:))
Even transparent and gold color look perfect!^^

In conclusion; fantastic linen stock and Mini size is perfect for handle and shuffle! I love minis!^^
/note I decide to add bright and light back option for this size!^^:))

                                                 example of mini linen and poker plastic
surprisingly I didn’t notice anything special about plastic card stock?x,x maybe I expected to much?x,x like it would be laminated or something but imo at first glance there is no big difference in plastic and linen stock option except for plastic to be bit fatter while linen might feel lighter and softer under fingertip and at closer look surface have different texture grid for linen and like spots on plastic! and colors look bit darker on plastic making your print look even better but making possible art flaws visible as well! and that’s another reason to go for linen!:)) 

Shuffle n handle goes well with both cardstock and sizes, but imo linen is bit better?:)) 
p.s after I week I noticed my impression on plastic changed for better!^^:)) 
I like they still look firm and new!^^ :))

and while comparing I find two mini deck can fit perfectly in poker size transparent box!:)) lolz wish they offer this option for mini!^^:))
must say I like how this box are shaped and easy to open!^^ I luv plastic and clear is my fav!^^ 
as I like to watch sun prism and call it *crystal box*!^^ lolz plan to order it for my decks as price is ok!:))

so in conclusion linen stock and plastic box is best!^^ ;)) bright back are best to so here is link!
and for other options visit my PS shop here!:))

Note there was expected difference between on screen colors and print making print more darker
especially green pink and blue and in some cases blending similar colors ie I noticed some shades of green are blended in one!:)) so I decided to tweak  few cards and center few more so all of you who get your deck before these changes take effect consider yourself lucky to have super mega rare print preview edition!^^ lolz :)) more about that will be noted in book that is still in progress thank you for asking!:))

and with this I conclude tehnical side of my review!^^ :))

And as I like to try out my new deck moment I get it asking fev questions here is my reading;
1. with plastic (after thorough shuffle!:)))
1 Question; how will I get along with this deck?
this turn out interesting as I don’ usually use reversals with Lenormand but here it just happen? as
1.card I draw was Sun reversed and I placed it in centre, so here is my interpretation that probably mean what I hoped and what I get with this plastic stock is now what I expect it to be, that is the main point of this reading!:))
2 card Mice, right; probably some small remarks I have with this deck!: and yes maybe you can't see it but on this white mice I noticed white color looking trasparent a bit and decided to tweek it!x,x facepalm
3 card Moon,left, meaning; out of light of the day, even it won’t be literal I plan to save this deck in my display as my first art attempt!^^ as I prefer mini linen for my working deck!^^;)
so I find this reading is right on the spot!:)) 

2 Question; something interesting to tell me?

1. card Monkey/fooling around/2. card Birds/comunication/ 3card Key/solution
hm this really was interesting reading! And again it goes with first one as next day my mom asked to take this deck out of my display to her job to show off!:)) even I was against it at first saying it would be pointless/ridiculuss as she have *serious work place/not like me;)) and not to fool around! 
She was persistent and apparently it was a great success as everyone were talking and praising it!^^
There is even mentioning of me getting my 1 gallery exhibition!^^ Wow! imagine that? of course I don't plan that in near future as first I need hi res print! but it's good to have that in prospect for te future!^^
so who knows maybe this key may open that door for me?!^^ lolz :))
as you can see I find my readings accurate!^^ but that's the case with all my decks!^^ as I don't have that many!^^ (considering I run a shop!^^lolz :))) and it takes me ages to decide to order something! usually,,,
so if I like artwork I usualy connect immediately and find it easy to work with!  same goes here!^^ after all I painted my own lenormand just the way I like it!^^ so it's expected to be easy to connect and work with!
I recomend every reader to make your deck!^^ it help you lern so much about cards and yourself and many more! btw don't forget to write all that comes to your mind at that time as all that will make a good book!:))

now  back on topic with my mini reading!^^:))

1.question; how will I get along with this deck? (ups already used this img!:)))
1card; Anchor /steady/ 2card Pisces/deep/ 3card Key solution! wow key again?:)) I like this as it's exactly what I plan it to be!:)) deck I plan to use for deep insight and finding solutions!^^

2. Question; something interesting to tell me? 
honestly I don't remember what I get here?:)) as I was taking photos while joting notes on my tab and had loads of fun playing with minis and trying out all diferent spreads including GT and chakra spread!^^ )))
so I'll just post you some img!^^ hope you like it and find this review interesting! it take me ages to finaly post it here and sort out all notes and photos I've taken that day!^^  feel free to comment and ask anything!^^

thank you!^^
 mini GT!:))


 chakra spread I was trying out back and front

 more img mini de lux extra! :))

poker plastic samples!:))

all wrapped up!:))
p.s I find perfect bag for my mini!^^ like it!^^:))

more info on official web page

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