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Book update Lenormand Cards basic meaning

                                        Lenormand Cards & meaning

 Lenormand cards are combination of images numbers and French playing cards. Each lenormand card has its own image number and card from classical playing deck that together represent its basic meaning and provide a variety of opportunities for interpretation,

Playing cards signs symbolize the four elements / classes (learn this for easier interpretation of the cards!);   
Hearts (Hertz/Heart)- is the element of water, corresponding to the astrological signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. It symbolizes the army, emotion, love, passion, blood, sensibility, subjective experience of reality, in love, illusion, idealism, home, family, marriage, intuitive, artistic ability. Herc card always indicate that something good could happen, a good outcome of work, a love relationship, the possibility of a good bargain/deal, marriage etc. Next to bad cards, especially pik, can mean romantic problems but with them there is always possibility for happy twist. Can mean great happiness and emotional fulfillment. If in spread preveal hearts cards you should be careful when making decisions and more use reason rather than feelings. If prevailing reversed hearts cards you are too subjective, and therefore can come into conflict with the environment or be unhappy in love and social life.
Diamonds - Fits the element of earth in astrology and signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Symbolizes trade/merchant class, something concrete, material reality, money, job, career, convenience, home, health, ambition, responsibility. Can mean determination but slow pace as well, it all depends on surroundings cards. If diamonds prevails in the spread you should look at problems from a practical point or that can mean that a person is too occupied with everyday problems. Reversed can mean health problems.
Pikes (Spades/Leaf) - the element of air corresponds to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Symbolizes the ruling class and government, thoughts and ideas, the need for decision-making and change, insight, mood, disease, unpleasant twists, crisis, goodbyes, replies, open enemies, rivals. When in spread prevail spades, it indicate a lack of optimism, fear of failure and need to analyze the problem from another angle, search for new solutions. Reversed Pikes cards in large numbers in spread are hint of nerv tension, moodiness and presented open or hidden enemies, problems.
Clubs (/Clovers / Treff )- is element of fire, and corresponds to the fiery signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Symbol of the agricultural classes, actions, activities, driving energy, vitality, speed, anger, determination, initiative, generosity, creativity, passion. Many clubs cards in spread, person is making a big plans in life and is rushing to realize them as soon as possible. If many cards are in reversed position, it is no time to approach the realization of what the cards represent and suggest or there will be a delay in the plans execution.
The following is a brief introduction and description of each of the cards in this deck
1. Rider: 9  H~ good card, success, victory, news, action, speed, agility, movement, new message/person/thing coming, transportation, an athletic man; or an actual rider or horse. if Cloud is between Rider and significator card/ lady gent baby etc/ it mean bad news
Body locomotion system skeleton tendrils n muscles especially legs knees n feet
Timing January or September
Mercury in Aquarius

2. Clover: 6D ~ good card, luck, chance, opportunity, hope, taking a chance; or literally grass or herbs. With clouds sorrow, with character card short-term grief and quickly getting better

3. Ship: 10L~ trip,journey, travel, foreign country, exploration, commerce, long distance, overseas connection, difficulty, fears and worries, transactions, inheritance, prosperity, anything nautical or ship related. near significator card travel

4. House: King H~ home, family or close relations, real estate, property, safety, sanctuary, stability. and security, a father figure, close to person card mean luck, if in the middle of spread warns of caution!

5. Tree: 7 H~ health, growth, peace and contentment,   lineage, roots, family tree, ancestors, memories, karmic connection, the slow & steady passage of time, a really long time. if far from significator good health, strength, happiness and fulfillment of wishes

6. Clouds: King C~ Dark side of Clouds next to a card is negative; it brings doubt, fear, confusion, depression, worry, or stormy/cloudy/hazy weather to that card's meaning. male person businessman or a hustler . The bright side of the Clouds is positive; If by the bright side is a signifier happiness, it brings clarity, hope, good news & improves the card to its left.

7. Snake: Queen C~ fast and intelligent person, a wise woman, a rival, bad enemy, intrigue, temptation, depends on how close to the person card, can also mean a loss,  jealousy, deception, lies, betrayal, problems, change of course; or literally something curvy like a snake: such as wiring, hoses, or pipes.
Watch your steps, danger may be lurking where you can’t see, open your eyes and be careful of your actions and environment.
Body parts all that resamble a snake; large intestine/ digestive system, veins circulatory system, spinal cord etc
Timing july or 7/summer
Mars /Uranus in cancer/Scorpio

8. Coffin: 9~ end and transformation, something is finished /closed or hidden, death, painful ending, loss, illness, accident, emptiness; or an actual box or coffin, weight depends on how close to significator

9. Flowers: Queen~ a good card, generous gift, happiness, joy, meeting,  something beautiful, art, wish comes true, a surprise, an invitation, an abundance of love, beauty, pleasure & joy; the Spring time, or literally flowers.  
Body face hair smile odor
Timing 5 or 9
Venus in Virgo

10. Scythe: Jack D~ a cut, removal, or harvest, anything sharp: such as words, tools, or weapons, something happening quickly & unexpectedly, danger, pain, bodywork, bodyguard, military policeman, speed, danger, accidents, sudden end, beware! Unexpected danger but will not last if surrounding cards are good. Autumn.

11. Whip: Jack C~ bad card, misunderstandings, quarrels, conflict, fight, discussion, repetitive pattern, rhythm, obsession, passion, addiction, something painful, punishment, abuse. Time to clean up something, problems at home, discord disease depends on the position of the person card,

12. Birds: 7  D~, gossip, conversation, communication, interview, messages, phone call; talent, good news, songs nervous energy; any pair: siblings, couple, an older couple; can mean gossip depending on the surrounding cards; or simply birds.
 Short-term problems, if it is away from significators good trip and time,

13. Child: Jack L~ children, childhood, innocent, naïve, young, a beginner, novice, student, child-like, youthful, something new, new beginning, anything small in size; literally a child, son or daughter.
Aperiance small, pettite childlike youthfull carefree spontanous temperament, cozy relations, kindness and tenderness
Body   reproductive organs, disability disorders

14. Fox: 9 C~ clever, resourceful, cunning intelligence, a trickster, a lie or deception, envoy, jealousy, something hidden, something false, a conman, a detective; a small job, career, or income; can literally represent a fox or small animal, like a cat. warns of such people if close to significator

15. Bear: 10 C~ great effort, but the strength and protection in hard times as well, aggression, pressure, ; financial investment, a high level job, career, or income; diet, weight control can represent a bear or large animal, powerful person, the boss, manager, authority figure, protective, motherly, good if far and bad if close to significator because it warns of caution!
16. Stars: 6H~ the cosmos, astrology, fate, destiny, big dreams and expectations, hopes and wishes, guidance, clarity, intuition, imagination, metaphysics, networking, fame, reputation, talent, the evening; or the literal stars. sign of happiness in all areas of life, but close to the dark side of the Cloud can mean accident

17. Stork: Queen H~  changes,  moving, relocating or change of place of residence, something new arrives, a birth/pregnancy, promotion, an improvement; a literal stork or someone with long legs. close to significator card change if further circumstances that delay or prevent changes

18. Dog: 10 H~ companionship, faithfulness, loyalty, friendship, a loyal friend, trustworthy partner, reliable, dependable; cooperative playful, or a dog or other pet. trust, a close friend if close to significator and vice versa if far, if with Clouds beware of false friends and betrayal

Tounge and sense of taste n smell agility
Time October fall

19. Tower: 6 L~ rules, laws, legal offices, government, school, or hospital, structure & infrastructure; boundaries, independence, solitude, loneliness or isolation, separation or divorce; or an actual building. a sign of a long and happy life but with Clouds vice versa,     destructive habits and behavior,

20. Garden: 8 L~ a party, event, convention, meeting place, group, community, the public, any kind of meetings and socializing whether in person or online; or literally a garden or park, weekends, holidays, close to significator advancement in society, numerous and influential friends, if far watch out on people in your surrounding because they can not be trusted

21. Mountain: 8  C ~ difficulties, big business/job or obstacle, challenge, a difficult uphill process, delay; blockade, or an actual summit or mountain range.  near significator strong enemies, if far long-term friendship

22. Crossroads/Path: Queen  ~ choices, decisions, more options, our path in life, a turning point, an alternative; a literal pathway or road crossroads, thoroughfare, if with significator and if there are no Clouds out of current problems, with Clouds bad

23. Mice: 7 C~ theft, loss, deplete, decrease, damage, shortages, sickness, stress & worry; problems, temptation, trouble or literally pests. If close to significator you’ll return lost and stolen, if far permanent loss
24. Heart: Jack H~ good luck, love, romance, sweetheart or even sweet friendships, compassion, sympathy, courage, emotions; heartly, honesty, or the heart.  
Person Affectionate dramatic
Body Heart n Blod vessels, stress, fatigue, tired
Timing January winter

25. Ring: AceC obligation, commitment, contract, bond, proposal, engagement, marriage; legal documents, an actual ring or jewelry. on  right side of significator happiness and joy, a good marriage or contract, if  left or further possible problems and separation,

26. Book: 10  D ~ Learning, files, exams,  mystery, secrets, hidden knowledge, the occult, education, studies, writing, publishing; an actual book, diary, or deck of cards.
success, money,

27. Letter: 7 L~, written correspondence and communication,  actual letter documents and reports email, fax, sms, chat, good news, if close to clouds bad text,
Body part related to communication face hands fingers n eyes oral throat n voice brain

28. Gentleman: Ace H~   Male querent or someone of importance for f querent. 

29. Lady: Ace ~ Woman querent or female important for m querent.   .  
represent female questioner or women if the questioner is a man

30. Lily: King L~ peace, harmony, healing, purity, secrets, satisfaction, experience, passion, sex, maturity, wisdom, an elder, usually male; the Winter.  above significator its virtues, if below flaws, near a happy life, with Clouds domestic concerns,

31. Sun: Ace D~ a good card brings great luck, good opportunity, joy, success, victory, optimism, enlightenment, energy, exposure, vitality, heat, warmth, daylight; the actual Sun, the Summer., luck and success if near significator, if further delay and doubt in achievement of goals

32. Moon: 8 H~ the actual Moon and cycles, night, nighttime, dreams, fantasies, illusions, intuition, feelings, emotions, creativity, art, psychic abilities, recognition, with honor uncertainty, mother, the shadows. Close to significator great honor, if further accidents or secret love
Body female reproductive organs and organ related to water blood kidneys lymph etc
Timing night month

33. Key: 8  D~ good card the Yes card, answer, mystery solved, an idea, a new way in, opening doors, certainty, security, confidence, skills, talents, ability, an expert, the A-HA! moment, triumph, destiny; a literal key. you have the key for solution and creating of new opportunities and success if near significator, and reversed if further

34. Fish: King D~ money, profit, success, luxury, abundance & wealth, commerce, an entrepreneur if close significators, farther it is shows more of financial worries and difficulties in achieving ambitions,

35. Anchor: 9 L~ anchoring, attachment, stability, security, safety, staying put, long-term success, perseverance in career;, usually the work card. a sign hope, success and progress in commercial ventures, a good job and buying, reciprocated love, if far from significations, bitter disappointment, stagnation, appeasement,

36. Cross: 6 C~ burden, suffering, sacrifice, pain, martyr, cross you bear, sickness & health, challenges, grief, guilt, depression, karma, fate, faith, religion, spirituality, beliefs. Patience, bad sign, near significator short-term accident

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