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HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR OWN TAROT OR ORACLE DECK Digital Course Pack by Benebell Wen reviewed by reall

I don't usually post my book reviews (outside goodreads!;)
& this exception is to share my enthusiasm & spread the word to Tarot/Oracle deck creators about this Awesome resource being available just in case you wish to learn from Success & raise your chances for same!;)

Needless to say i'm big fan of benebellwen blog & was watching progress of her Spirit Keeper'sTarot journey from start to finish & amazed by complexity & all tiny details she decided to incorporate in her illustrations as well as progress & working ethic it represent so it's not surprise how well it was received & sold out!:)

Even as experienced selfpublished Tarot & Oracle deck creator (full list of my selfpublished decks on my official web page;!^^)
I 'm well aware I need some boost especially in *How to Marketing & Costumer Support area & got myself this material 1st chance i got not only because Benebell Wen is my fav blogger & awesome rolemodel for every Selfpublisher but also as a way to say Thank You & Show my Support & Appreciation for All interesting posts tips & free downloads she's providing on her blog & youtube channel!^^ Thank You I enjoy All!^^

I Click that buy now button moment this course was out! (Thank You paypal!^^) & anxiously waited what will I got? Must say I Love Books!:D All Topics & reading on my tab is my favorite so I've purchased various digital books & resources before from different publishers & never regretted as I prefer reading my books digital it saves me *labor of flipping pages or lifting heavy books not to mention storage space & thinking;"hm, where did i l put that book?" or worst=dust sweeping!^^ lol (Angel Evoking Tarot pack by Awesome Travis McHenry my fav of recently & another example how to run successful ks be sure to check!;)

My indie-deck-creator-course zip file arrived next day by introductory email & here is what you get for 40$ it's priced; (I switch to large icons for better overview & click for larger img!;)

Unzip aka extract your files & you may be bedazzled by all icons you'll find in this folder!;D
Fear not! Even if it's plenty material as it's full INDIE DECK CREATOR COURSE after all!
It's all well written & covered topics are sorted in comprehensive chapters & lessons you'll be glossing up in no time!;)

1st thing i did; check image file folders for my journal covers & must say i like selection here!^^ Covers all tastes & my favorites are Guardian Angel 1900 German Postcard & Jonquil (1896) Eugène Grasset & Hearst Castle photo for my Oracle Lenormand & Tarot journals (Yes i have plenty ideas for all these +some playing cards my journals will fill up in no time!;)

also you need to check these journals to see how awesome they are Lenormand my favorite it's just calling you to paint your card (here is preview to give you idea what it include hopefully i'm not breaking any copyright!;)

& here is pic to give you idea what your journal will cover;
included Title Correspondence & Metaphysical References Chart are my favorites & best resource for artist so I recommend these if you are new to this!;)

Next I was drawn to check *Select Sections of Lessons Learned folder & Must say this is awesome idea to offer book chapters as separate pdfs as it let you quickly review relevant content without need to flip over full book & provide better feel of reading progress!:)
also must say I like formatting here as it reads perfectly on my small tab screen!;)

so here is list of lessons pdfs & short summary;

Full Book is single pdf titled YOUR TEXTBOOK Lessons Learned from Launching an Indie Deck & collects all these lessons with photos & extra snippets of wisdom starting with best advice you can get if you are creating your own deck so definitely worth revisiting!^^ I've read both in order to provide Best review & must say I like All author ideas & attention to details & honest insight you get in each topic + my favorites Extra Materials & plenty free legal advices & forms (including Terms & Conditions of Sales I've added to my officialweb page as recommended you should do!;) & pre formatted books templates you can use asap!^^ if I ever offer my books printed it will be thanks to these as figuring out book formatting rules simply not my thing!x,x lol
Note journals are are also given this way in sectional chapters as separate files & single book!;)
& you can also print All these materials for personal use or order *printed book & journals from lulu all details on author web page;

there is also Free Course for Writing and Publishing Nonfiction (with Module IV and V educational content specific for deck creators. you can benefit if your deck need guidebook!:)
& paid course on legality contract imo definitely worth checking out before you sign it/better safe than sorry haha so true!;D

Benebell Wen openly speaks about All Costs & Everything You Need to Know & consider before jump to print & selfpublish your deck with mass printer (or sign up legally binding contract with publisher!;) & covers all relevant topics in sequential order from illustration & card design to book & box formatting & digital file preparation to Marketing & Tips on shipping distribution & Costumer Service providing plenty of tips & wise legal advices you will use from start "Pay yourself first" to end of your project; "Ignorance is not bliss when signing legal contract"!;) so true!
& Final Lessons is titled; Was it worth it? 
Must say i was lol reading as it's so honest & exact on spot so Yes, THIS is Exactly Why You Need to read This Book BEFORE turning your Dream into (Wonderful?) Reality!?^^ just so you are Clear what to expect in case your Muse is calling!:)
also book ends with plenty of interesting working notes & exercises I like!:)
+printer list & Much more you'll had to discover for yourself!:)

& there is also Q& A: PASSWORDPROTECTED DISCUSSION PAGE on author website just for enrollees where you can post author questions share whatever you wish about your project or just say Hi!;)

In My honest opinion by reading this book & implementing even single tip & advice mentioned you will benefit asap & in future (I know I did!;) as it'll boost your sales significantly + you'll earn & Save Much more than 40$ this course is priced by avoiding all pitfalls waiting along your Selfpublisher Way!^^ ;)

& if you wish to skip this mass printing (& shipping!) hassle & save yourself major risk investment of hard work time nerves & money it require l recommend you try my favorite print on demand;

(Note this is where this review ends & start my *Selfpublisher experience so you are free to skip or read further at your own risk!:)

As experienced selfpublished Tarot & Oracle Artist & Author I've used All popular print on demand services including printerstudio & Makeplayingcards as well as drivethrucards
& gamecrafter is still my favorite for best traffic & easy shop set up & img upload & big selection of game parts & accessories they offer as well as international shipping options!
& there is also laboratory option introduced if you game require specific extra customization
(I plan using it to ask for Tarot & Bridge size tins as well as printed cloth!;) will update with more info soon!;)

imo drivethrucards have best (Embossed) cardstock & clear snap on plastic box for poker & bridge size cards but annoying set up & file preparation!X//
& both printerstudio & makeplaying cards lack search tool & statistic & shipping quality!

also I printed number of my decks in advance with (sadly) Only good Pod I find in EU/Italy (full review here! 60 of each of my Tarot decks total=240 decks it was significant investment as *luxury EU 2 piece Sturdy box edt) thinking Sure, I can sell it within a year. Big Mistake, l forgot shipping cost I need to pay each time I have order as even if my printer was kind enough to provide drop shipping it's unable to receive order directly from my costumer so I'm also filling shipping form for each & every single order manually (& stress seeing shipping cost for 1 Deck to EU not to mention International aka US or Spain? X.x lucky only 1 my deck is *popular & *Sold Out* while others are barely struggling collecting dust!^^ lol) Whole reason I moved part of my *luxury EU decks to pro shipping provider in Germany l recommend heartily as Life Saver & plan using it more in future!:D read my full review here!;)

& after All delays I had with my EU printer when my decks were finally *printed & ready to ship I've posted it for sale on my official web page & listed on easy & ebay & posted on fb ig & forum hoping to spread a word & way for people to know it exist all it help only little so imo some decks will sell on their own & other will just struggle it's that X popularity factor no one can predict. Benebell Wen course offer tips how to boost it & I noticed best boost in my traffic were thanks to my fav youtube video reviews!:D Thank You vlogers & reviewers!^ ^

Also agree selling from your official web page is best as it eliminates 3rd party fees!^^
& printing larger number of decks at once gives you better price per deck & reduce your printing cost but imo if you do that presales are best as it allows you to collect funds for printing in advance & give you idea how much you can expect to sell & need to print to cover your present & (hopefully) future demand?;)

also my main concern with mass print is shipping cost so check it in advance & get exact spec from your printer then check shipping options for domestic & international Before printing Big Number of Decks! (shipping+insurance+tracking+packaging material all costs etc full covered in Digital Course!:)

Pod may had bad reputation BUT that was before now they IMPROVED cardstock significantly & as long as it say 300gsm & linen/Embossed (aka linen textured card surface ) it's Ok!:)
also avoid gloss & sharp corners!(most pod don't have this anyway so you are safe!;)

& if there is anything else I could ask from this course that would be glossary of all decks mentioned as examples with direct links to author pages!^^ lol

& with this I conclude my review & extra tips I hope you find useful!:)

feel free to ask me anything I'm always happy to help with tips & all!;)

All Best!

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