Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Makeplayingcards aka mpc review!;)

My 1st mpc order arrived few days ago & i'm posting this mini review to share my experience!;)
1) I was surprised how fast my order arrived & how well it was packed to ensure safety!;) 
I uploaded front & back img for Big size 84card deck & ordered it shrinkwrapped & Tarot size tin & opted for regular shipping option with extra 2$ for tracking it take mpc 8 days to process/print & only 12 days to arrive so it take total of 20days from uploading to having my deck!;)
Must say I like this Big Card size as imo Tarot Art is a gallery of 78 mini paintings & people will get a chance to appreciate it even more if you remember to offer larger than Standard Tarot size edt!;)
especially if your art is full of tiny details so even my hands are tiny & my (close) vision is ok Bridge is my fav size I totally recommend this Big Card size!;)

Note; Printer CoLoRs Geek Talk Warning Read it if You Dare You May Learn Something New!;D
This is one of my *test decks i've printed just to check printer coloration (as you probably know by now screen colors are digital system aka RGB & work with screen light printer don't have! & therefore bit different than printer colors aka CMYK that usually end up much darker printed than on screen!;) & to see how printed colors compare to my screen colors & must say I was surprised by result as it looks almost like my screen BUT my experience with other printers was;"Printed Colors Are Always Darker Than Your Screen Colors" Not True with mpc 300gsm/Standard cardstock i used it was actually lighter!x.x or so it seems until i remembered to check it under different light angle & turns out Card Finish Also Determine Colors!  in short;
Standard Cardstock=too reflective=colors look light & lack contrast!x.x so another reason I definitely recommend linen cardstock!;D (Sorry no pic for copyright case!;)

I also ordered mpc generic Tarot size tin to check size quality & how many cards they fit!;)
& Happy to say it's good quality & perfect size imo can easily fit 80/90 310gsm linen card deck!:D
My Only remark is mpc logo (but i asked about it & got reply they can provide generic Tarot size tins without mpc logo for larger quantities orders!;)

also wish they offer similar *deep tin for 90 bridge/poker size deck!;) I've already submitted my request & will upload this review moment i got reply!;)

how mpc compare to other PoD services I've used?
*easy file upload (my were standard file format png & rgb colors)
*fast production &
*fast shipping time with tracking option
*good quality & plenty options to choose from!;)

#expensive fancy options & addons
#lack of good search tool for shop
#lack of good statistic page

& with this i conclude my review hope you like & find it useful! feel free to ask me anything! & be sure to check my other posts/reviews! 
All Best! 

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