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Deck Creation and What you need to know if you plan creating your own deck

Every Cartomancer or Artist at one point will get idea to create its own Tarot or other deck by whim or inspiration according to your unique idea how *perfect deck should look like & even you may have plenty ideas how that *perfect deck should look turning it into reality as accomplishing anything else you set your mind!;) require time & effort so start with good plan!;)

Creating your deck require;

1) Theory where you plan & prepare for task at hand by addressing all decisions including but not limited to;

Concept idea for Tarot or Oracle deck you have in mind;

What type of deck you are creating? Tarot or Oracle or Playing Cards or Other;

Number of Cards you need to paint;78 Tarot or 36 Lenormand Oracle+any extra card title card etc

Card Size; Standard Tarot, or smaller; Poker/ Bridge or Larger?;D

Note; tech side of this *Correct size & cardstock topic will be covered in my next post!;)



tip; you'll save yourself if you start taking notes & writing your ideas & sketches asap!;D

It will help you track your progress and ideas development & it's easy to turn that working notebook into proper guidebook once you have completed your deck as people like to have basic info on deck they plan to use & read accompanying document for artist insight & process behind each card art & deck creation!;D


Card Layout Design;

Deck Theme Topic & symbols you wish to include in each card & design layout;

Color or Black & White or Other

Border; Yes or No

Text; Yes or No (if yes font type & size & will you include it in your artwork or add later digitally =recommended!:)

Numbers; same as above

Card back design; Reversible or Not, Any pattern and colors you wish to include?

Art medium you will be working;

Digital (Tablet & paint program my fav free Gimp & Medibang paint pro for lineart & Scribus for converting png rgb to cmyk pdf!:) there is also free version of photoshop called White Rabbit!;D

or Traditional; aka Pen & paper etc

Your Art Style; tip; Work with style/media you’re good with!;)

tip; *Unique Style & layout help create original style & uniformed look as common thread that will glue your deck!;)

Resources Your Own Art or Public Domain/ Other

tip; never forget to credit original artist and keep link of your source images!;)

Role models & references (if you have any list it with note what you like about each particular deck or card you are addressing & specific elements you would like to include in your card design?!;)

tip; Rider Waite Tarot deck illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith is most popular & what most people recognize as Tarot but if you are into specific topic i.e animals cats flowers etc I recommend checking google for references & ideas how different people approach to specific card theme design colors & inspiration etc?;)

bookmark webs that shows specific card from different decks side by side, for general idea how specific card concept is represented traditionally vs modern art decks? btw same link should have basic meaning as well so it’s good to read it or download free pdf book Pictorial key to tarot, just to give you quick reference about what meaning your art should represent?
Note don't forget my guide for; How To Major Arcana Court & Minor Arcana table with basic meaning & symbolic reference for eachcard!;)

2) Time it'll take you to create full deck & time you need to spend on each card?;)
imo it may seem overwhelming task at first contributing to procrastination but that's why it's important to keep your goal in mind; Completing Your Full Deck!;) & therefore plan to work on each card at least few minutes/hours/days every week?;) of course even better if your muse is calling & inspiring you to create even faster but imo as long you have at least 1 card to show after week (or two!;) your deck is on good track to be completed & ready to print soon!:)

3) Space for work/free of environment noise and disturbance; this depend on your preferences and art media; so I’ll let you think that for yourself!

4) Actual work!;D After you have it all planed Start Creating Your 1st Card asap!:)
Grab that pen & paper/digital/whatever your choice is here & Start sketching!:D
or even better if you have it all noted like i told you open that notebook & look what you have in mind for 1st card?!;) then just Do it!;D
tip; or commission someone to do *art part for you? imo comic artist are best! Good art Fast and affordable!;D

p.s Another interesting note; while working on this project I often dream of different cards and designs! So don’t be surprised if that happen to you! It just shows how your brain work on it even while you’re sleep!;D

5) Costs; sadly you need money to do anything! (or that’s how it usually goes!) And depending on your media this can go both ways when creating your deck as well as publishing, 
for my 1st deck I had my old lap top and mouse and free paint program Gimp & did all painting myself! however professional programs and tablets are expensive same as good material for traditional painting! for next project I plan *modernization! that’s why if you like this guide consider purchasing its printed form as well as myselfpublished decks here!;) 
tip; work with what you have and what you are most comfortable with regardless of costs! 
it will pay of eventually along with time you invested here as you'll obtain valuable experience & learn a lot about printing & yourself as there is certain ancient magic alchemy involved in process as well as satisfaction you'll receive when your printed deck finally arrive AND MY FAV PART; BE READY YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET TON OF MAIL FROM HAPPY PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD PRAISING YOUR ART & SAYING HOW MUCH THEY LOVE & ENJOY YOUR DECK!;D How Cool is THAT for Legacy?;D lol

tip; you can always consider patreon or fund raising platforms like kickstarter and indiegogo but those are of more use when you have your art ready to print! And will require promotion
and social network & web page (you can create free web page on google like I did here; & levelupenterprises offer best solution for pro web page you need to present your deck!;)
& newsletter you'll need to figure yourself!(I've started it by google Bcc should work & mailchimp is what most people use!;)
As 1st requirement for people to buy your deck is to know it exist & how to order?;D
so checking youtube for reviews is also good idea!;D

tip; Learn from from success! Have a deck you like? Check publisher and artist! And how it get published!
tip; Learn from failure! so you’ll avoid repeating same mistakes!:)

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