Sunday, 5 April 2020

Resources free programs links & Best Tarot books & decks to Learn Tarot

Free programs; paint programs; my fav Gimp & Medibang paint pro for lineart!:) Artweaver is also good & super simple interface easy to use!:) & TwIstedBrush have best effects & textures!:) & White Rabbit is free Photoshop for more advanced users!:) also Scribus is best for cmyk & pdf conversion!:)

you can make free web page with google & levelupenterprises offer best solution for pro web page you need to present your deck!;)

Tutorials & public domain libraries;

Apollo magazine Open access image libraries – a handy list; Apollo supports open access to images of artworks that are out of copyright with a list of museums and other archives that provide unrestricted downloads of high-resolution images.

You can also find plenty of Awesome free & public domain material by google!^^ & youtube have plenty of How to videos here are some;
How To Create Your Tarot Deck Tutorial!! by Luna Solare ;

How to Make Cards (3 Ways) by James Ernest ;

also Tarot blog posts by other deck creators are Awesome resource for All Tarot Tips you'll ever need start here;
this is pro selfpublished author of Spirit Keeper's Tarot so Be sure to check her Awesome Blog for All info about Costs of Selfpublishing with big printer;

& this is awesome Kickstarter guide!:D

& Arnell Ando provide More priceless resource for independent card creators:

also wikipedia have resource on each tarot card;

& this web provide description & side by side card img from different decks;
& this have even more decks!;

& if you wish to Learn more about Tarot;
Brilliant free Simple & Short Lessons to Learn & Understand Tarot;

& my fav forums with growing libraries of selfpublisher decks & creator sections; & 
Note: forums are also best place to sign up for Collective Tarot decks as Best Way to Learn by 1st hand experience!:) providing you a chance to participate in Tarot deck creation with just 1 card (or more if you like!:) + purchasing one give you Best idea how different art styles looks printed as Tarot card & it works perfect as sample deck you can check print quality card stock specifications, box & booklet options & design etc to ask same printer for same specification for your deck if you like!:)

Best Tarot book & deck to learn Tarot is; any you can find in your local bookstore as long as you read it & practice with your Tarot deck!;) & you can also check my fav bookdepository (free shipping worldwide!;) for Books & decks!;) it will depend on your personal preferences about author & topics you like to read starting with Basic Beginners to Deep in Tarot topics as well as your understanding of it's primary use; fortunetelling (traditional) or *self development tool (modern new age approach;)

some of my fav & recommended for start are; Rider Waite Smith (including my Pam's Original & Vintage!;), Golden Universal Tarot,
Mucha Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot (note this one is available as android app on google store great way to get deck & guidebook for only few$!:)

Anthony Louis; Tarot Beyond the Basics Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Meanings Behind the Cards (luv astro & other references here!)
& Tarot Plain & Simple by same author if you prefer it that way!;)

Brigit Esselmont; The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings (luv quotes provided for each card!;)

Barbara Moore; Tarot Made Easy, Llewellyn's Little Book of Tarot & Tarot for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Reading the Card
(also Steampunk Tarot & book set!:)

Kim Huggins Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards (also Tarot Illuminati deck & book set!:)

Mary K. Greer; Understanding the Tarot Court (with Tom Little) &  
The Complete Book of Tarot reversals (luv explanatory titles!;)
& 21 Ways to read a Tarot Card (luv all activity here!;)

Rachel Pollack (also Shining Tribe Tarot & the Haindl Tarot!:)
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot (title say it all!:)
Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness
The New Tarot Handbook: Master the Meanings of the Cards
The Big Little Book of Tarot: The Only Book You'll Ever Need

Sarah Bartlet the Tarot Bible gift from my friend & my fav book design & colorful illustrations & examples also it's modern self development approach great if you prefer it!

feel free to add your fav in comments!;)

All Best!

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