Sunday, 5 April 2020

Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your own Tarot or Oracle Deck

Wonder How to Start Creating your own Tarot or Oracle Deck?

All you need is to download your preferred Tarot card size template from thegamecrafter;

& My Art guide Tarot cards cheat sheet info for;
& Start Now!;D
tip; Start with easiest/ most simple looking cads first and more complicated later for better flow & progress!;D
Start with Major Arcana or Court cards or whatever you feel like easier to work with?;)

Continue reading this blog for more info & tips about Creation Print & Publishing what I learned in process starting from idea to realization of Deck Creation & 
Card Printer list 

Order this guide in printed form & my selfpublished decks here;
Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your own Tarot or Oracle Deck is ©2020 MyLuckyCard.
All rights reserved.
Available via my blog & web page as free download & in printed format.
You can download share & print it for personal use as long as you don't charge for it!;)
Only thing I ask is credit & link me so I can see what you do?^^
Please note me first if you would like any other use or commission!^^
((;^^THANK YOU!^^ ))

About me; reall/Irena Pro Selfpublisher Artist, illustrator, designer & author with experience in Tarot, astrology & alternative!^^:D
Happy to help your deck creation & Selpublishing by answering any questions, consulting advice, tips & critic, & open for commissions & collaboration, if you need hand with design layout, coloring, size & files conversion etc anything in field of any topic mentioned!;)
portfolio & all info official web page;
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