Sunday, 5 April 2020

Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your own Tarot or Oracle Deck

Wonder How to Create your own Tarot or Oracle Deck?

All you need is download your preferred Tarot card size template from thegamecrafter;

& My Art guide Tarot cards cheat sheet info for;
& Start Now!;D
tip; Start with easiest/ most simple looking cads first and more complicated later for better flow & progress!;D
Start with Major Arcana or Court cards or whatever you feel like easier to work with?;)

Continue reading this blog for more info & tips about Creation Print & Publishing what I learned in process starting from idea to realization of Deck Creation & 
Card Printer list 

Order this Guide Printed form & my selfpublished decks here;
p.s  Update blog only not pdf & printed version!;)

Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your own Tarot or Oracle Deck is ©2020 MyLuckyCard.
All rights reserved.
Available via my blog & web page as free download & in printed format.
You can download share & print it for personal use as long as you don't charge for it!;)
Only thing I ask is credit & link me so I can see what you do?^^
Please note me first if you would like any other use or commission!^^
((;^^THANK YOU!^^ ))

About me; reall/Irena Pro Selfpublisher Artist, illustrator, designer & author with experience in Tarot, astrology & alternative!^^:D
Happy to help your deck creation & Selpublishing by answering any questions, consulting advice, tips & critic, & open for commissions & collaboration, if you need hand with design layout, coloring, size & files conversion etc anything in field of any topic mentioned!;)
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